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Location is the key to price rise. If the market is stable, the value of a plot will rise over time. As developing a plot is easier than building a structure, the value of your investment is likely to rise faster in a short span. This means you can exit investment bets earlier.


They are just three small words, but together they mean so much. Its the feeling you get from the moment you start your apartment search to the moment you step foot onto one of our quality properties. Prakruti Builders is construction all flats are as per vaastu.


Prakruti Avenues is a niche boutique real estate agency in three states AP, TS and Odisha. It is focusing on the sales and constructions of residential and commercial real estate. All properties are Suitable for bank loans OR Company Easy payment monthly schemes.

Individual Houses

Prakruti Avenues is a real estate agency focusing on the sales and constructions of residential and individual houses real estate. We are offering with easy installments independent houses plots some properties have Bank loans contact us today!

Welcome to Prakruti Avenues Pvt Ltd

More than 50k customers buy or sell a property with us each year. We help to people and properties find each together.

Meet Our Company Agents Only!

Our agents are very dedicated and hard workers for your property’s security and safe purpose. We recommended our agents only. The company is not responsible for private agents.

Our recommended Apartments

We sell flats in Visakhapatnam. We can provide bank loan facility on interested flats. Contact us directly to know more about the interested property .

Property Listing

More than 10,000 customers buy or sell a home with us each year. We help people and homes find each together.

Qualified Team

See who specializes in your area, has the most reviews and the right experience to meet your needs.

Expertised Guidelines

Our specialists can help you get started on that home project. Find paint colors, that perfect tile and more.

Our Testimonials

We collect some reviews from our customers so you can get an honest opinion of what our properties are really like!


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